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Looking for a new challenge?

We are introducing people to each other everyday, whether for permanent positions or temporary assignments, and we put our faith in your soft skills. 

Our goal is to place you with a company where you can be employed for the longer term.

Professional tips & tricks

As well as providing support to registered job seekers in their search , WORKFOR also offers free-of-charge advice in the following areas:

  • Giving your CV that extra polish
    Many companies literally find themselves deluged with CVs whenever they advertise a vacancy – with the result that they look at each individual CV for 30-60 seconds at the most. Our experts will be happy to help you ensure your CV stands out immediately and survives the HR department’s pre-selection process.

  • Evaluating a reference
    These days, the wording of a reference is frequently difficult to understand. It is often difficult for outsiders to tell whether the reference they are reading is good or bad. Our experts help you to understand and evaluate your references correctly.


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Our current vacancies

Our current vacancies you can find on our innovative job platform:

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